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    Start your business without the worry of Accounting and Bookkeeping

    H&M Tax Group has been serving many businesses from different industries, we have a 100% satisfactory rate, and our services are top class because we will
    not compromise quality at any cost

    We are here to Make Things Easier for you

    H&M Tax Group is here to make your business dealings easy for you. Let us handle your accounting and bookkeeping needs, register your company, and
    get all the best accounting services in Texas. Our analysts will give you expert advice that will help you achieve your target. Whether you are starting
    your business as LLC, S-Corporation, or non-profit, we will manage your financial portfolio by providing top class and competitive services

    What Next? Grow Your Company

    Once you have fully managed financial services, you can pay focus on your business’s essential aspects

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    Please note we are unable to mail to a PO Box. To avoid any delays in the delivery of your formation documents, only a physical street address may be used.

    Choosing the Best Service for your Company’s Accounting needs is a Difficult Process

    Many companies in the market are offering a lot of services, each charging different amounts for their services. Due to this segregation, it is challenging to select the service that could benefit you in the long run. H&M Tax Group is such an accounting and CPA firm that takes care of all your business needs. We handle accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll processing all the matters about tax-related. Just Provide all the details about your company to help us get started.

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    We Help To Make Your Business Adaptable

    Our tax experts will help you maximize deductions, and the service we offer will be unmatched in the industry. With affordable price structure, we will
    always keep your company one step ahead, helping you outshine competitors and bringing new ideas into your work.

    All Resources at Your Disposal

    As your business grows, we’ll be there every step of the way to make sure that you have the resources at hand to service your company’s ongoing
    needs.You will find everything available to you. Our experts will make sure that you maximize economic benefits for your company as well as staff.
    Register with the required details and get one step closer to make your business fully manageable.

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    Why Are We Different?

    Register your business with us. We will address the core issues affecting your company, and our staff will guide each step of the way-from filing and
    preparing for taxes to make a record of financial transactions everything needs to be accurate and within the boundaries as designated by IRS.

    One Less Worry to Deal With

    So, whether you are an individual or small business owner, we will help all the way through. Don’t burden yourself with never-ending files of finances that could make you stressful. Let our specialist deal with it.


    With a reasonable fee structure, you will have peace of mind! Choose the type of services you are looking for and see how H&M Tax Group change your life!

    Do You Need BOI Filing

    We would like to bring your attention to a new filing requirement by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network(FinCen).
    Effective 01/01/2024, small businesses are required to submit a Beneficial Ownership Information Report (BOI Report). This report includes information about owners of the business and the entity that helped you to create your company.
    Sole Proprietors and some other entities are exempt from filing, see links below.

    When You Need to File

    Failure to file a BOI report may result in a $500.00 penalty per day up to $10,000.00 and/or imprisonment. 

    Do I need to File,How to file, and Step-By-Step Instructions, and Q&A can be found on these links :

    This is something you can do yourself. However, if you need our assistance to file the report, we will be happy to assist you for $200.00 office fees per entity. 
    Please keep in mind, we are not going to file this report on your behalf unless you ask us to do it. 

    Please feel free to call us at 469-498-8000 or email us your request at

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