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Sales Tax Audit

Sales tax audit is a crucial aspect of your business, encompassing calculations, return filing, reconciliation, compliance, exemptions, and liabilities. H&M Tax Group provides expertise in these areas, addressing all requirements efficiently. Certain processes may be time-consuming but H&M Tax Group can handle them seamlessly.

The Process

At H&M Tax Group, we specialize in Sales Tax audits and approach every detail with expertise and vast experience. We work step-by-step through your firm’s sales tax audit, utilizing our resources, staff, and software systems to ensure greater accuracy and minimize your workload. Our systematic approach ensures compliance and approval in every scope of sales tax audit work.


H&M Tax Group offers you greater accuracy and high-end efficiency that not only satisfies you but also reduces your workload, allowing you to relax while we take care of your core business operations. We provide cost-effective services that streamline your sales tax audit process and help you grow your business while complying with sales tax audit laws. Our team also helps you with exemptions, updates, and reducing transaction liabilities, as required by law.


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Our Staff

At H&M Tax Group, we understand that audits go beyond numbers and require tailored services that address our clients’ business functions. Our team consists of auditors and advisors who are familiar with our clients’ sectors, long-term strategies, and risks that need evaluation and control. We offer expertise and value-added suggestions that assist our clients in achieving financial and operational success. Our management and engagement teams are dedicated to meeting the precise requirements of each audit.

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