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Federal Tax Audits can be a time consuming process that many businesses experience. It can cause huge delays in your life and business and be very stressful.

Federal Tax Audits

Deciphering IRS letters and handling disputes require the expertise of a professional federal tax audit specialist, who can analyze the content and provide a procedural solution with relevant documents, evidence, and proof. At H&M Tax Group, we offer a convenient and efficient audit service that includes letter, office, and field audits. We also provide Line-by-Line and Targeted Audits, which meticulously examine every line of your tax return. These audits not only benefit our clients but also provide valuable data to the IRS, helping them conduct future targeted audits.

The Process

The process of taking up Federal Tax audit work at H&M Tax Group is not only a systematic and methodical approach, but we also do it in accordance with the procedures and laws prescribed. Each and every document is carefully examined and verified for approval.


By conducting a federal tax audit, you can reap numerous benefits such as saving penalties, excess taxes, fees, and service costs. This process also saves you valuable time that can be better spent on your day-to-day business operations. At H&M Tax Group, we simplify the understanding of the federal tax audit process, making it easier for you to navigate and comply with the relevant regulations.

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